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Ο Γ. Γραμματέας του ΕΟΤ προλογίζει το Greek Yachting Guide

Dimitris Fragakis
Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) Visit Greece for the Greek Yachting Guide:

”Yachting in Greece is becoming an extremely popular trend among both foreigners and local residents. Greece has many potential advantages in order to gain a dominant position between the competitive Mediterranean countries. Our authentic local attractions and our natural coastal resources are attractive to all the travelers.
The yacht owners or enthusiasts can find in Greece good weather conditions, rich history and culture, crystal clear waters, islands in close proximity for leisurely day cruising and thousands of years old maritime traditions.
Despite the need for further development and improvement, the existing network of marinas and harbors for tourist vessels allows our visitors the opportunity to enjoy a maritime tour, as well as to explore the many islands and continental locations of Greece. Yachting constitutes an important source of income and employment, since it is addressed mainly to clientele of a high-income level, while demand for the product illustrates a significant increase worldwide.

As the Secretary General of GNTO, I assure you that our Government recognizes the benefits of this sector and is willing to promote tourism development in the maritime sector. We will make every effort through appropriate consultation with all the stakeholders to cover all the aspects of the industry and implement the policies that are needed.”

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