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Avanguardia: The 137m «swan – shaped» superyacht concept from Lazzarini

Here comes the amazing swan-shaped superyacht, named as Avanguardia, is one of the top innovative technological models in the world.

Designed by Lazarrini Design Studio, the 137-meter Avanguardia has unveiled his latest avant-garde superyacht design, that takes its name from the positioning of the control tower which resembles the head of a swan. With the inspiration for the «head» stemming from a 1970s Japanese manga, the swan head functions as a control tower to manoeuvre the superyacht.

The «head» is detachable from the «neck» and can be converted into an auxiliary boat of 16 meters, at which point the upper part of the superyacht is then transformed into an auxiliary control tower. When the vessel is in motion, the «head» adjusts avanguardia’s position by lowering itself to the centre of the superyacht’s body.  

Avanguardia is divided into five decks and could house up to 60 passengers on board, providing accommodation for up to 24 guests, 12 staff and 10 crew. She also houses two helicopters on board and is equipped with two helicopter hangars.

Power to the experimental design is conceived with twin fully-electric side engines, as well as a central MTU Rolls-Royce engine which would enable the yacht to reach a maximum cruising speed of 18 knots.

Anyone is willing to order this innovative superyacht should invest approximatexy $500 million or €423 million in the construction.

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