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Shape: A futuristic Superyacht designed by Lazarrini

Futuristic and innovative, the superyacht “Shape”, with a unique design the characteristic “hole” in the deck, comes to steal the show.

The luxury 69-meter boat called “Shape”, inspired by Lazarrini Design Studio, although not yet built, will cost 69 million euros ($80M) and is already looking for the person who will order it.

An innovative superyacht equipped with a hydrogen-powered propulsion system that runs entirely on clean energy, with a huge central opening in the hull – swan-shaped – that is coming from the future, creating a truly unique design.

Referred to as the “hole deck,” the space is accessible via an entrance on the bow and has steps leading down to the sea level, making it an ideal sun lounging area, and can be customized to suit the owner’s requirements, with max speed of around 24 knots, or 12 knots when in full electric mode.


Meanwhile, the upper deck of «Shape» is fitted with a glass-bottomed infinity pool, offering swimmers a fabulous view of the open space below. The living area, located at the rear of the superstructure, consists of six suites, with room for up to 12 guests.

“Because of the stylistic choice of placing a void inside the superstructure, space on The Shape is the real luxury,” say the designers. There’s also a beach club with a diving platform onboard, a helipad, a garage full of toys and all of the typical amenities you’d find on a yacht of this stature.

Although it’s still just a concept, the team at Lazzarini say the unconventional design has been getting a lot of attention from brokers since it was unveiled.If Shape were to be picked up, it would take around 20 months to build and execute, according to the designers.The distinctive concept is one of a number of new innovative superyacht designs to be unveiled over the past few weeks.

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